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Starring Ebola-chan and her sisters, Marburg and Lloviu. 

With the demise of human-kind, the eternal struggle between disease and cure seemed to be finally over. However, Cure-chan is a sore loser, and provokes the viral sisters to reignite the conflict.

Despite their triumph, the fall of humanity has left the viral gods in a weakened state. In this weakened state, some of the disease gods fall into madness and turn against their friends.

The gods must find a new source of energy if they wish to secure their future in this post-human world.

Ebola-chan, the cute viral goddess herself. Worshiped by misanthropes all around the world, she was the one primarily responsible for humanity's destruction.

Lloviu-tan, the youngest sister. She isn't infectious to humans, and likes to spend her time taking naps and having fun. Recently her health has been declining.

Marburg-sama, the soviet-enhanced biological weapon. Despite her usual cold demeanor, she has a lot of love for her sisters, and will stop at nothing to defend them.


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